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My name is Jesi Lea Ryan.  (That's Lea as in Lee, not Leah.  Old English spelling.)  I love to hear from my readers.  If you have something to say, book suggestions, review/interview requests, comments on my hair, recipes--well, not recipes, I don't really cook--or just want to say hi, drop me a line.  

Twitter: @Jesilea

Review Policy: 

I am not paid for my reviews, although I do occasionally get free review copies of books.  My reviews are honest, but remember they are only my opinion.  I try to keep in mind that all books have someone behind them who put in a lot of work, so I am respectful.  If I don't like something, I will say it, but if I truly dislike a book, I probably would not finish or review it.  This is why you will see more positive reviews than negative.  

Unfortunately, I am swamped with other work right now, so I am not accepting review requests.  If you would like your book reviewed, please check out Your Need To Read.