Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review: LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater

Disclaimer:  If you haven’t read SHIVER, beware of spoilers. 

As spring begins the thaw of the land, newly “cured” werewolf, Sam, is tasked with assisting the young weres as the warm weather brings them back to their human forms.  He is uncomfortable in this new role and leader of the human pack.  When the first were, Cole, transitions to human, he and Sam have an awkward time living together.  Sam doesn’t understand how Cole would choose to forgo his humanity and become a were. 

Cole, abhors his human form.  He chose to become a wolf as an alternative option to suicide.  As the lead singer of a popular rock group, Cole had gotten sucked into all of the trappings of young fame – drugs, sex, selfishness, etc.  He sees being a wolf as the escape he so desperately longed for—that is, until he meets Isabel. 

While Sam is learning to trust in his cure, Grace’s body is beginning to betray her.  Headaches, nose bleeds, stomachaches and a strange wolf scent on her skin reminds her of the wolf inside her body who never had the chance to come out.  Will she be the next to transition, or is there something darker within her?

After the second book, I am still in love with this series and am eager for the third installment.  The characters are likable and flawed.  I’m beginning to like Isabel a lot more than I did in the first book.  The Grace/Sam Love Fest does tend to get a little annoying at times.  They can’t be apart for ten minutes without pining for each other endlessly.  I think the addition of Cole greatly improves the series. 

Overall, I give LINGER…

Plot – 4 bookmarks
Character Development – 4 bookmarks
Love Story – 3 bookmarks for Sam & Grace, 4 bookmarks for Cole & Isabel
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) - Taylor Lautner (Sam – Okay, I couldn’t help it!  Teenage, Native American, werewolf.  Who would you have thought of?),  Saoirse Ronan (Grace), Kirsten Prout (Isabel), David Cook (Cole)

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