Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: BLUE MOON by Alyson Noel

The second book in the Immortals Series introduces a new threat to Ever and Damen’s relationship…a strange new boy named Roman.  While Roman appears friendly and kind, there is something about him that sets Ever’s teeth on edge.  Then, strange things start to happen.  As Ever’s powers increase, Damen’s appear to be slipping away.  He even begins to take on an aura like a mortal.  Ever is terrified for Damen, but he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her anymore.  Looks like Ever is on her own to stop whatever is threatening to take Damen’s immortality away. 

Okay, so I am only going to say this once, because it was the elephant in the room the entire time I was reading this book…New Moon.  The two books are similar because the destined couple breaks up at the beginning, leaving Ever/Bella on her own to face dangerous enemies.  Both girls become isolated from their friends.  Even the titles are similar—Blue Moon/New Moon.  However, I hope readers do not get distracted by this and make unfair comparisons of the two books.  They are very different and deserve to stand on their own. 

I really like the character of Ever.  She feels real to me.  I think this is because Noel allows her to have flaws and make mistakes.  She doesn’t always do the right thing (as you will see if you read the last chapter in this book), yet, they are honest mistakes.  She really does try to do the right thing for everyone, not just for herself.  This might be a tad bit of a spoiler here, but at one point, Ever is given the opportunity to go back and correct a mistake.  Rather than going back before Damen started losing his powers and warn him of the danger, she decides to go back to before the accident which killed her family.  In her mind, she knows that this is the right thing to do, even if it means she would have never met Damen, the love of her life.  (Don’t worry, the whole going back in time thing backfires and she ends up right back where she started anyway.)  I don’t know that many girls would have made that same choice.  Teenage girls can be very focused on their romantic lives and not see the bigger picture.  I know, I was one once. 

In summary, I think if you are looking for a good YA series to read, this is a good one. 

Overall, I give Blue Moon

Plot – 3 ½ bookmarks
Character Development – 4 ½ bookmarks
Love Story – 4 ½ bookmarks (The scene at the end of chapter twenty-six about broke my heart!)
Age Appropriateness – A strict, Puritanical parent might find issue with some alcohol use and mention of teen sex, but for the most part, I found it realistic and appropriate for most kids thirteen and older.
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Anastasia Baranova (Ever), a less pale Rob Pattinson from the first Twilight movie (Damen), Christian Siriano (Miles), Malese Jow (Haven), Hunter Parrish (Roman)

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