Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: ‘Divorced, Desperate & Delicious’ by Christie Craig

Lacey Maguire is fed up with relationships.  Her mother and grandmother have accumulated a dozen divorces between them.  After Lacey’s first marriage ends in divorce also, she fears she is heading into the same family pattern.  So, she focuses on her photography career and her friendships in order to keep from getting involved with another man. 

Chase Kelly is a cop on the run after his dirty partner frames him for theft of drugs and shooting a fellow officer.  With his face plastered all over TV and a bullet wound, Chase needs a place to recuperate and figure out how to get out of his mess.  While hiding behind a garage, he is spotted by a yappy dog...Lacey’s yappy dog. 

Stuff happens, but basically, Chase ends up hiding out in Lacey’s house while his police partner helps him to clear his name. While the plot was a little predictable, it was entertaining enough.  I thought the author tried a little too hard to make Lacey seem quirky.  The stupid t-shirt, the constant Christmas music and her annoying friends and mother calling on the phone every two pages were tiresome.  Chase as a character was much more interesting.  The dirty cop storyline was interesting, but it seemed most of the action was done by Chase’s partner Jason.  I guess I would have liked to see Chase take a more active role. 

So if you are looking for an entertaining book to keep you company on the beach, ignore this stupid title and give this book a chance.  Overall, I give Divorced, Desperate & Delicious...

Plot - 3 bookmarks
Character Development - 3 bookmarks
Love Story - 3 bookmarks
Detective Story - 3 1/2 bookmarks
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) - Sam Worthington (Chase), Rachel Bilson (Lacey), Ryan Phillippe (Jason)

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  1. This book was so much fun to read. It's a sizzling romantic comedy about a woman who's dog discovers an injured man in her backyard. He (Chase) is a cop that just escaped the bad guy, but who is also being framed as a bad guy. You know from page 1 who the bad guy really is, but its quite a mystery as to how they will prove it. Meanwhile, these two spend many days and hours confined together in her remote home near a lake, which creates a great deal of whitty dialog and steamy scenes as they go about trying to prove him innocent. There are a lot of secondary characters that were great.