Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costume Giveaway!!!!!!

I love Halloween, but unfortunately, this year I have too many conflicting things going on to dress up and celebrate myself.  *big sad face*  So I thought I would have a little fun on my blog by celebrating Halloween vicariously through all of you!!!!!!

Here’s the deal...

Email me a photo of you in your Halloween costume at  I will then post the photos on my blog.  Every person who enters will received a free e-book copy of my novel, Four Thousand Miles.  Simple, huh? 

But that’s not all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will also chose one winner based on who I think had the best costume to receive a super secret prize package.  (Can’t tell you what will be in the prize package, because I haven’t made it up yet, but it will contain some of my favorite things.) 

Send me your photos now!!!!!!!!!!

FINE PRINT:  Entries will be closed on November 2nd.  The giveaway for the e-book is open internationally, but due to insane shipping costs, only U.S. and Canadian residents can win.  Sorry, but I’m a struggling writer.  


  1. I'm not dressing up either (long, sad, face x2), but my kiddo will be cute as a button dressed as "batarina." Can I send pics of her instead?

    I might go crazy and spray paint my hair bright pink. Maybe...

  2. I'd prefer photos of you, instead of your kids, but i could make an exception... :)

  3. Cool - I just sent you my picture! Fun idea!