Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review: SECRETS (PsyCop #4) by @JordanCPrice #AmReading

Victor Bayne's job as a PsyCop involves tracking down dead people and getting them to spill their guts about their final moments. It's never been fun, per se. But it's not usually this annoying.

Vic has just moved in with his boyfriend Jacob, he can't figure out where anything's packed, and his co-worker is pressuring him to have a housewarming party.

Can't a guy catch a break?

On a more sinister note, Vic discovers there's absolutely no trace of him online. No trace of anyone else who trained at "Camp Hell," either.

Everyone Vic knows has signed a mysterious set of papers to ensure his "privacy." The contracts are so confidential that even Vic has never heard of them. But Jacob might have.

Another wonderful installment in the PsyCop series! This time Victor discovers his co-workers, friends and even his boyfriend Jacob are keeping secrets from him. Why can’t Victor be Googled? Why is there no record of the infamous Camp Hell or any of its former residents online? In this day and age, that’s a scary thing. The worst part is that everyone seems to know the answers except Victor.

On top of trying to piece out what people are hiding from him, Jacob is stuck investigating a crime so horrible, that it’s taking a serious emotional toll on the usually tough-as-nails detective and his relationship with Victor. I think this is the first time we get to see Jacob’s flawed side. The way he chose to deal with his emotions pissed me off. I also thought Victor was a little too quick to forgive once he figured it out. That said though, I’m glad the boys worked out their issues, and were playing nice by the end.

Overall, I give Secrets...

Plot - 5 bookmarks
Character Development - 4 1/2 bookmarks
Horror Elements - 5 bookmarks

Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) - Matthew Gray Gubler (Victor), Channing Tatum (Jacob), Michelle Rodriguez (Lisa), Cherry Jones (Carolyn), Boyd Holbrook (Crash)

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