Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: “The Vampire’s Seduction” by Raven Hart

I’m not a patient person, and I spend a lot of time waiting… doctor’s offices, the DMV, airports… so I keep a book in my purse to keep from going insane.  I usually designate some mildly entertaining, but not horribly engaging  novel.  (It has to be something I can easily put down when my name is called.)  The Vampire’s Seduction has been my purse book for the last couple of months.  I originally put it there because I assumed form the title that it was going to be a romance.  However, I think I was wrong.  The Vampire’s Seduction in a sexy book, but not overly romantic.  It is told from the POV of two different male vamps who find their beloved city of Savannah under attack  by an evil European vamp.  I would actually classify this novel as more of an action oriented vamp book than a romance. 

First, some things I liked… I liked the relationship between the vamps William and Jack.  William is Jack’s sire.  He is more of the cliché vamp in that he is rich, suave, powerful, etc.  Jack is different.  He is loveable and human like.  He is an innocent in many ways.  And very funny!  William love’s Jack’s humanity and works hard to keep him innocent of the darker elements of vampire life.  Jack sees this as heavy-handed and oppressive.  Throughout the course of the story, William sees his error in keeping Jack ignorant and Jack discovers William’s love.  It is a wonderful bromance!  I also enjoyed the co-mingling of vampire lore with Savannah voodoo legends.  It added an interesting twist.

Some areas where I thought improvement was needed… I was never really convinced of the evil vamp, Reedrek’s motivations.  Was it really all about power?  If so, yawn.  Reedrek himself also didn’t feel scary to me.  He was like a composite of all cheesy 1950’s vamp movies and cartoons.  I also had some issues with William’s time-bending mind travel.  It seemed to come out of nowhere and felt wrong. 

Will I continue to read this series?  Maybe.  I don’t feel a burning need to run out and buy the rest of them, but if I came across the next book in a bargain bin, I would be excited to pick it up. 

Overall, I give The Vampire’s Seduction

Plot – 2 bookmarks
Love Story – 1 bookmark (There was a tiny one between Jack and Connie.  I assume that will get explored more in future books.)
Characters – 2 ½ bookmarks.  (Loved William & Jack.  Loved some of the supporting characters.  Thought a huge opportunity got missed with Reedrek.)
Interpretation of Vampire Lore – 3 bookmarks.  (Love the incorporation of voodoo, but thought the whole male/female vamp sex thing was stupid.)
Bromance – 4 bookmarks


  1. Forgot to include my Dream Cast (Otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) - Thomas Gibson (William), Eric Winter (Jack), Bela Lugosi (Reedrek). Okay, so Bela is very cliche and also happens to be dead, but honestly, Reedrek was such a cliched evil vamp, I couldn't help it.

  2. I was just getting ready to call you on this when I saw your comment. Just outta curiousity, as I am reading your MS, who is the Dream Cast for your own book?

  3. Good question! As you know, I was inspired by a photo of Rob Pattinson for Gavin. I wasn't an RPattz fan before I saw that one photo and realized he was the male lead for my book. Natalie is harder. I picture her in my head, but have a hard time casting an actress. I think Ashley Green comes close. What do you think? Who are you picturing? (Notice how we are taking over this posting to talk about my book? I'm an egomaniac!)

  4. I have a guy in mind for Gavin, but I can't think of his name. Ugh! I'm gonna be searching Google for hours now trying to figure it out. As for Natalie, I actually see a younger version of you. Don't ask me why.

  5. I don't see Natalie as me. I think she is way more feminine that I am. The only thing we have in common is our love for pedicures!

  6. Not the personality, just the looks. Maybe I just can't separate the two. That's my flaw, not yours.