Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: THE BACHELOR by Carly Phillips

This book is the literary equivalent of marshmallow fluff… sweet, but all empty calories and in the end, not all that satisfying.  The Bachelor opens with the mother of three single, adult men who decides she is going to fake heart problems in order to guilt her sons into granting her greatest wish, that they get married and give her grandbabies.  Really?  I read this exact same premise in a really bad historical romance, but at least there with the inherited titles and fortunes it made sense.  In a modern setting, this is stupid.  My mother would like grandkids too, but you don’t see my brother and I rushing to get pregnant.  Anyway, the brothers flip a coin (seriously) to decide which one is going to find a wife and knock her up first.  Roman, the youngest loses and becomes the family sacrificial lamb. 

Of course, Roman, a foreign correspondent for the AP, is ridiculously sexy and every woman in town wants to get in his pants.  However, he only has eyes for the beautiful Charlotte, a lingerie store owner and his old high school crush.  Charlotte wants him too, but she has a hang up about people who travel for a living, which rules Roman out as a potential husband. 

The story tries really hard to be funny, but it seems to try too hard.  Any idiot would be able to tell these people that if they love each other, which they obviously do, they will need to compromise.  A solution for their situation is even mentioned right at the beginning when Roman is offered a full time editorial position in DC.  The reader knows right away how this is going to turn out, but the story just keeps slogging along anyway.  Even the eventual hookup of Roman and Charlotte wasn’t enough to save this book.  Sorry.

Overall, I give The Bachelor

Plot – Zero bookmarks
Character Development – 1 bookmark
Love Story – 1 bookmark
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Jake Gyllenhall (Roman), Catherine Zeta Jones (Charlotte)

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