Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: LEAD ME ON by Victoria Dahl

On the surface, Jane Morgan is the kind of girl who blends into the wallpaper.  She is professional, slightly tough and the office manager in an  architecture firm.  With her tied up hair, glasses and business suits, she looks like the typical librarian; however, beneath her carefully manicured disguise lies an embarrassing family and a checkered past.  Once she reached eighteen, Jane moved from home, changed her name, changed her appearance and made every effort to escape her past. 

Billy Chase is the owner of a successful excavation company… he blows things up for a living.  With his tattoos, steel-toed boots and t-shirts wrapped over his fabulous body, Chase is exactly the kind of guy Jane wants, but also the kind of guy she is trying to avoid. 

As you can probably predict, Chase falls for Jane, and Jane tries to ignore her feelings for him in favor of a more “suitable” guy.  While part of me can sympathize (I have my own demons in the past that I prefer to keep buried.), I found myself strongly disliking Jane.  I found her prissy act to be annoying.  The way she treated both her step-father and Chase was snobbish and cruel.  Several times through the course of the book I wanted both men to ditch Jane and channel their love to someone more appreciative.  I think it is okay to give your main character flaws, but they still have to be likable.  I just didn’t like Jane.  She is not someone I would be friends with in real life. 

Considering my feelings about the heroine, it should be no surprise that I’m lukewarm at best over this book.  Chase was cute and his sweetness carried the book for me.  Since I grew bored and apathetic to the secrets in Jane’s past, I thought the more interesting plotline was the one involving her slacker brother suspected of murder. 

Overall, I give Lead Me On

Plot – 1 ½ bookmarks
Characters – 1 1/2  bookmarks (Zero for Jane and two for the other characters.  I then deducted a ½ for Chase’s poor choice in women.)
Love Story – 1 bookmark
Sex Scenes – 2 bookmarks
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Wentworth Miller (Chase), Any stereotypical naughty librarian type (Jane)

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