Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: LOST AND FOUND by Carolyn Parkhurst

Similar to The Amazing Race, Lost and Found is a reality show where contestants are sent on a world wide savenger hunt. Each pair of contestants are carefully selected by producers to provide the maximum drama for the show. One pair is an evangelical married couple who were "cured" of their homosexuality and are on the show to promote their anti-gay agenda. Another mother/daughter pair are still realing from the daughter's hidden pregancy and the giving away of her child. Other pairs include a couple of Internet entraprenures, a couple of former child-stars, a reunited pair of high school sweethearts, a set of brothers and a couple of sexy stewardesses.

Told from rotating points of view, Lost and Found is a wild journey through all corners of the earth. Part travelog, part humor and part moral lessons, this book has something for everyone. I loved the insider look at "reality" television where situations are contrived and film is editted for maximum entertainment value...often at the expense of the contestants on the show. In many ways, the show is a pressure cooker forcing the characters to confront truths about themselves and their lives.
 Sometimes, books with rotating points of view can be confusing or difficult to read, but Parkhurst is able to create unique voices for each character, lending a realistic quality to the narrative. The sarcasm and humor was smart and fun. This was an enjoyable read!

Overall, I give Lost and Found...

Plot - 4 bookmarks
Character Development - 4 1/2 bookmarks
Humor - 4 bookmarks
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) - My cousin Salena (Cassie) (Sorry, I know you don't know her, but that's who I saw in my head), Anna Torv (Abbie), Jake Gyllenhall (Justin), Oliver Platt (Carl), Laura Linney (Laura), Anne Hathaway (Juliet)

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