Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr

Aislynn is the typical high school girl in every way but one...she has inherited the ability to see the faeries in the world who are invisible to everyone else.  These faeries are not the cute little Tinkerbell-types from Disney movies, but viscious and nasty creatures who range from pranksters to out right evil.  While their appearances are beautiful, they are wicked inside.  If the Fae were to find out that she can see them, her life would be in serious jeopardy.  For that reason, Aislinn has had to learn to keep her expressions nuetral and guard her fear of the Fae at all times, so keep from attracting their attention.

Then there is Seth, the ridiculously hot bad-boy who is Aislinn's best friend.  Initially attracted to him because he lives in a converted train car (the steel construction keeps the Fae out, making it one of the few places she can relax), Aislinn has come to trust him and care for him very deeply.  She is torn between wanting their relationship to grow romantically and not wanting to ruin their friendship. 

One day, Aislinn discovers two faeries who are following her.  When the male dons a human glamour and approaches her, she is terrified.  She soon learns that he is Keenan, the King of Summer, and desperately seeking his Queen in order to break out of the bondage he is held in my his mother, the Queen of Winter.  He is fixated on Aislinn because she appeared in his dream.  However, in order for her to join him on the throne, she has to pass a test…one which has dire consequences if she fails.  Refusing the test runs its own risks though, including the destruction of the Fae and the humans as well. 

I thought the description and imagery in this book was very well done.  The world that Marr built is fascinating and offers a new twist on the Faery mythos.  I liked the relationship between Aislinn and Seth.  Keenan was a bit frustrating, because he comes across as a stalker most of the time, but in his inner-dialogue he is a really nice guy. 

Now, I have to address one line in this book that seems to be getting people in the Amazon reviews pissed off.  The line goes something like, “He kissed me there…”  The implication being one of oral sex.  I can understand why some parents might be a little put off by this mention in a young adult book.  However, I don’t know that younger teens would even catch the reference. 

In addition to this, sex is mentioned several times.  Aislinn wants to remain a virgin so she can save it for someone special.  Seth has a checkered past, but has been turning over a new leaf in order to be with Aislinn.  At the start of this story, he had not dated any other girls for seven months and he even went out to get an STD screening for he could be responsible in the event something does happen between him and Aislinn.  The Fae are also sexual creatures.  Nothing is described really, but the mentions are there. 

Overall, I think the sexual topics are tasteful for the most part, but maybe parents will want to read this before they give it to their kids. 

As far as the rest of the story goes, I liked it…but didn’t love it.  I would read the next book in the series, but I’m not running right out to buy it.  The Queen of Winter was fabulously evil.  The Winter Girl, Donia, is a tragic character that wrenches you heart.  The Summer Girls are a bunch of vapid twits.  It was a fun read though.

Overall, I give Wicked Lovely

Plot – 4 bookmarks
Character Development – 3 bookmarks (would have liked to have seen more dimension in Seth)
Prose – 4 bookmarks
World Building – 4 bookmarks (incorporated her Fae research in the chapters)
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Shanae Grimes (Aislinn), Ed Speelers (Keenan), Emily Browning (Donia), Steven R. McQueen (Seth)


  1. I loved this book! Here is my review:

  2. This book is a light read and relatively fast-paced. The middle drags a bit and the secondary romance is clunky at best. The villainess is your basic cardboard caricature of Evil (she reminded me of nothing so much as one of the Evil Queens from the early Disney fairytales). The plot is predictable but it makes for good junk food, fluff reading for when you need something bright and easy.
    As many other people have said, it seems like Seth would be the most appealing character of the lot, but for some reason Marr never chooses to give us his POV and I think that was a mistake as it means his character never feels fully fleshed out.