Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Guest Reviewer Week at Diary of a Bibliophile!

Here's the thing...

I have been completely neglecting my reviews lately.  It's not that I am not reading, I just have been insanely busy with the production and promotion of my new YA paranormal, Arcadia's Gift

(Insert shameless plug with link.)

So rather than spending my evenings composing book reviews for other authors, I am writing email after email to other reviewers and book bloggers begging them to read and review my book.  (If you happen to be a reviewer interested in my book, email me at  Needless to say, I need some help over here.

So I put a call out to my Twitter community for someone to write a guest review for me, and the response was HUGE!  (Probably because my Twitter followers are made of awesome.)  I thought this would be a cool opportunity to do a whole week of guest reviewers.  You know, give my readers a little variety.  I'm allowing the guests to review any book in any genre they want.  I'm excited to see what others are reading and maybe get some good reading recommendations.  

Starting Friday 9/28/12, I will begin a full week of guest reviews.  Are you excited?  (Queue APPLAUSE)  You--my awesome readers--can show your appreciation for these guest reviewers by leaving them comments, friending them on Twitter or checking out their blogs, books, etc.  I know they would really appreciate the support.  

And with that, I turn over my blog to seven of my super cool Twitter friends. Talk to you all in a week or so!!!!  


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