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Reviewer @Aprilelayne1 reviews BREATHING FIRE by Rebecca Lilley #amreading

Oh, I am a bad. bad blogger!  It has been forever since I've had a new review to post.  Thankfully, my wonderful new Twitter friend, @Aprilelayne1 is keeping me supplied with fresh material.  Do her a favor and follow her on Twitter.  She's awesome!  So check out her latest review below.  :)  

~Jesi Lea Ryan

Breathing Fire – Rebecca Lilley    
4 1/2 stars
Breathing Fire (Heretic Daughters)

Sometimes a head start has a price...

Jillian and her sister have been on the ru
n for longer than either will ever admit to (a lady never tells her age) but sometimes even the most dedicated fugitives have to stop running, and start fighting. 

I was already having the day from hell when two angry druids stormed into my shop. Druids in my shop was bad. Very bad. Their presence in my place of business was a disaster no matter how you looked at it, but the fact that I knew these two druids in particular was an outright catastrophe. The fact that they happened to hate my guts certainly wasn't going to help matters, though it was hardly surprising. Even druids who didn't know me cursed at the sound of my name...

(Amazon review)

A random, freebie supernatural book? Sure, why not!

Mysterious supernatural beings, humor at naïve humans, and a small perk of sensuality thrown in.*

An awesome story with wicked humor and personality? Oh yes!

The story is told by Jillian 95% of the time, a mysterious supernatural being who has lived her life with her sister on the run.  Pretty typical for any being, but their true age undetermined.  All the various supers in this tale are public, they have their established hierarchies and us-them battles between species as the others, but Lilley carefully interwove two species lives and cultures into an elaborate dysfunctional relationship.  The transition between current date and the memories of years past is well written and easy to follow, luckily so, because the history is vital to the story. 

Plot and story is well developed, the action ebbed at a solid pace throughout.  I admit a large anticipated and feared fight scene left me feeling that it was anticlimactic, but the resulting action justify the lackluster or rushed feeling I felt the scene had.

There is suddenly one chapter told from another view, not one you’d expect and it caught me off guard at first. After completing the book, I look back and think it may have been filler or a hint into another story line.
The synopsis on the internet really doesn’t do it justice though….there is so much more to this story, I’m itching to find out when a second book is due!!

* Contains sexual content

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