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Reviewer @Aprilelayne1's take on GUIDED BY A GYPSY by @LeslieBRamey #FridayReads #amreading

Happy #FridayReads, folks!  Looking for a fun short read?  Aprilelayne has reviewed this Kindle treasure for you today.  Look at that gorgeous cover!  I'm always on he lookout for good reads, so leave us a comment to let us know what you're reading this week.  ~Jesi Lea

Guided by a Gypsy – Leslie Ramey
3 Stars

Guided by a Gypsy

Lilly’s life is turned upside down when she wakes up to discover her boyfriend doesn’t know who she is. Her past has caught up with her present and she is forced to reconnect severed ties to save him. But first, she must gain an ally in his womanizing childhood friend. Rich was content with his life of rotating women. Unfortunately for him, his life takes a drastic turn when the girl he’s secretly fawning over shows up at his house in tears. Now he’s forced to sacrifice his desire for her to save his best friend. The clock is ticking and if Lilly and Rich don’t find a way to get along they just may lose everything.
(Amazon description)

Publisher: Self Independent
Length: 146 pages
Content Information:  Strong sexual content, adult language

I don’t exactly recall how this book ended up on my kindle, but it was there.  It has a beautiful cover and ‘gypsy,’ I probably snagged it simply based on those two factors and not really researching or reading the synopsis or reviews.

This is not my typical genre, but it was a quick read.  I had high hopes of this story, it starts out strong and at first I didn’t realize how short it was given the gravity of the events that occur in the first four chapters.  It jumps right into the triggering event that starts Lilly on her journey with her man’s best friend, Rich.

I honestly loved the gypsy world Lilly had run away from.  This story could have been a solid introduction to a full length story or arc for the author Leslie Ramey to develop if done correctly or to stay in the paranormal romance category.  Unfortunately (for me) Guided by a Gypsy quickly turned into a quick and dirty “romance novel” (aka: a sexual tryst) that just wasn’t what I thought I was getting into.  Granted, if I was more prepared for the type of novel, I would have enjoyed it! 

The writing style, other than the unnecessary or misplaced cursing, was ripe for a great editor or mentor to veer Ramey into a larger or more marketable audience with some changes if the intent was the same as my want. But that perhaps is my preference, not for Ramey or all. 

If interested in a “quick and dirty” sexual romance, then yes….Gypsy is perfect.

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