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Character interview with Tanner from SOUL STONE by @DelSheree #NewRelease

Today I’m welcoming Tanner Donovan to the blog. Tanner is here to tell us a little about himself and how he ended up trying to break a curse in Soul Stone. Tanner, how did you end up involved in all of this?

Tanner: Originally, purely by accident. I was out with a couple of friends at an archery practice when Arra nearly died of fright from a little bunny running out of the bushes. It was a chance meeting, but I was pulled into her life from that moment, curses and all. Although, I really thought we were finished with this kind of stuff after Arra’s curse. I was not happy when the dreams started up this time because it meant Arra was in danger again.

I can imagine what you went through with Arra over the summer has made you pretty protective of her.

Tanner: Really protective. I know she thinks I overdo it sometimes, but it’s hard not to. I lost my dad when I was pretty young. It wasn’t a curse, but losing someone you love always affects you. I almost lost Arra over the summer and I will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening again.

Sometimes fate is out of your control, though. How difficult is that to accept?

Tanner: I’ll let you know when I figure out how to actually accept that idea. It’s a struggle. I don’t want to make Arra claustrophobic and keep her in a cage, but these new dreams have really scared me. I have no idea who Sibeal is, why Arra is having dreams about her, or what they mean, but it’s not hard to guess that someone’s life is on the line. I don’t want it to be Arra’s.

It’s clear you care about Arra a great deal, but she’s not really the type to let other people tell her what she can and can’t do, right?

Tanner: (laughs) No, not at all. Arra is determined and occasionally short tempered, especially when Bas is around, but what really puts her in danger is how compassionate she is. I want her to stay away from Sibeal and her curse, but Arra can’t stand to let her suffer like she did. I love that she wants to help people, but it may end up getting her killed one day.

You brought up Bas. What’s your perspective on Bas and Arra’s relationship?

Tanner: Relationship? I think you mean tenuous friendship, and I’m not sure you can even go that far. When I first saw them walk into class together, I’ll admit I got jealous, but then the fighting started. Before Bas came back from visiting his cousins in Ireland, I actually thought Arra and Bas would hit it off and we’d have fun hanging out together. Everyone loves Bas. Except Arra, apparently. I’m still not sure what sparked her dislike, but at least I don’t have to worry about losing her to Bas any time soon.

Sure. I suppose so. Maybe you should keep an eye on that just to be safe.

Tanner: What? Why?

Just a bit of advice. Anyway, what are your thoughts on Sibeal Ahearn, the girl Arra’s been seeing in her dreams?

Tanner: I have nothing against Sibeal, personally. She seems nice enough, even if her reflection creeps me out. I’m sure she’s a great girl when she’s not sucking your girlfriend into a deadly curse. Or she might be totally crazy. I’m really not sure. Do you see why I keep telling Arra to stay away?

I have to admit that does seem reasonable, but Arra’s not likely to listen. Where does that leave you?

Tanner: No, she’s not going to listen. That leaves me in the exact same spot I’d be without any curses. Right by her side. It takes a lot more than that to run me off.

I’m glad to hear that, because it sounds like Arra is going to need as much help as she can get for the foreseeable future. We have time for one more quick question, Tanner. What will the dreams bring next?

Tanner: I can only imagine. I’m not holding my breath for sunshine and rainbows. Arra couldn’t make much sense of the newest dream, but I’m sure it won’t be good. She says the words Oracle Lost keep getting stuck in her head, which can only mean more trouble is on its way.

I’m sure it is. In the meantime, thank you for visiting the blog today. Fingers crossed that trouble doesn’t find you too quickly. 

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