Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review: “Bite Me” by Parker Blue

Did ya’ll know Amazon offers free e-books? I loaded Kindle onto my PC and this was the first free book I downloaded. Bite Me is a paranormal YA novel, the first in a series, about Val Shapiro, an 18 year old vampire slayer. Val is part human, part succubus. She hunts vamps who harm humans as a way to keep her inner-demon subdued. While cleaning up one of her kills one night, she is approached by a young cop, Dan Sullivan. Dan is a detective in the Special Crimes Unit, which investigates paranormal crimes. Sullivan witnessed her vamp killing talents, and helps her to obtain a position on the force as his new partner. Together, they work to uncover a predatorial vampire ring who is terrorizing the city.

I really enjoyed the way this book bridged the gap between YA and adult novels. Val is 18 years old, but mature for her age. Her family has treated her awful because of her demon blood and kicked her out of the house on her birthday. She jumps feet first into adulthood by getting a job right away with the police department. Because of her job and slayer skills, Val seems like an adult, but every once in a while, the author reminds us of her vulnerability which comes from a lack of experience. Like a lot of teens, Val suffers from insecurities and self-doubts. She has been taught to repress her inner-demon, but this has starved it and made it more dangerous. She begins to have feelings for her partner, Sullivan, but keeps her distance for fear of hurting him.

What this book missed the mark on was the chemistry between Val & Sullivan. Like it or not, one thing Stephanie Meyer got right in Twilight was making holding back your lust sexy. This was attempted a couple of times in Bite Me, but with lukewarm results. Sullivan’s reaction to Val’s succubus came off more whiney than tortured. I kind of wanted to hit him.

Speaking of wanting to hit characters! Every one of Val’s family members, starting with her mother, should have been fed to the vamps. The way they behave is much more than character flaws; they were obnoxious! Why she continued to love and protect them was beyond me. In my eyes, Sullivan redeemed himself when he told off the mother.

Last but certainly not least, a review of this book would not be complete without a shout-out to the best sidekick ever – Fang. Fang is part terrier and part hellhound. He attaches himself to Val when she is down and out. His ability to communicate telepathically with her provides for some seriously funny moments. The little dog shows he has a big heart, loads of courage and lots of attitude! I don’t even like dogs, and even I wanted to take him home with me.

Overall, I give Bite Me by Parker Blue…

Plot – 3 bookmarks

Compelling Characters – 3 bookmarks (I hope future installments will develop Sullivan a bit more)

Age Appropriateness – 4 bookmarks (Since I think this is an older teen book, it is fine. Parents of tweens might not be comfortable with the lust demon parts.)

Fight Scenes – 2 bookmarks

Love Story – 2 bookmarks

Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Hayley Williams from Paramore (Val Shapiro), Rudolf Martin (the vamp Alejandro), Undecided on Dan Sullivan. I have a person in my head, but not anyone famous.


  1. I've got Bite Me on my Kindle and am reading it now. I think I'm about to page 44% or something. I like the hellhound. Haven't gotten deep enough into the Sullivan stuff to know how I feel about the rest.

    If you like paranormal free reads, you might check out my novella, Kept here: http://zoewinters.wordpress.com/kept

    I don't normally blatantly plug my book on people's blogs, but it actually is germaine to your past few posts so, meh.

  2. Plug away! I don't mind. I will check it out!