Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: COULTERS’ WIFE by Maya Banks

Coulters’ Wife is a novella length romance.  (Please note where the apostrophe is in that title.)  Holly is “married” to three brothers, Ethan, Adam and Ryan.  The four of them live in an isolated location in the mountains and when the story opens, Holly is very pregnant with their first child.  She is upset because she wants to have sex, but the brothers agreed no more sex until after the baby comes.  The plot basically revolves around Holly getting the brothers alone and seducing them one by one.  When Holly goes into labor early, the brothers must work together to deliver the baby on their own. 

This book was creepy on so many levels.  I don’t really have a problem with ménage relationships, but brothers???  That’s just icky.  Then, they live up on this mountain semi-isolated from people…this is how bad religious cults are formed, not sexy love stories.  Add into the mix that they are bringing a child into the world whose family tree will go in circles and the hair on my arms prickled.  Okay, I know I got this story free off of Amazon, but even that was too much to pay. 

Overall, I give Coulters’ Wife

Plot – 1 bookmark
Characters – ½ bookmark
Love Story – Zero bookmarks (Major creep factor)
Sex Scenes – 1 bookmark (Uninspired)
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – I didn’t bother getting engaged enough to cast the roles. Just insert any random, toothless hillbillies and you will have it spot on.


  1. It's free on check it out

  2. Yeah, it's free on Amazon too. That's how I got it. Did you read it? I want to know if I was the only one creeped out.

  3. The 2nd page into the book and I stopped reading...not the kind of "romance" I like. 1 woman married to 3 brothers just throws everything off into another world instead of romance. I'm glad it was free otherwise it would have been a waste even for a penny.