Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: SCULPTING A DEMON by Lisa Fox

I always post the Amazon link in case anyone wants to order the books that I review.  Since this book is not on Amazon yet, I am providing you the link to the publisher's website where you can order the ebook for $4.45.  

When Lila and her friend jokingly perform a love spell from a woman’s magazine, Lila never expected to wake up with a seriously hot demon in her bed.  Arien was a fallen angel, sitting bored at a bar in Hell, when the Lila’s voice summoned him in a way he could not resist.  What he didn’t realize is that answering her call could put them both in danger. 

Sculpting A Demon is an erotic romance novella, which definitely shows the advantages of being a little bit wicked.  Honestly, if I could conjure the perfect man, it would totally be Arien.  Not only is he hot, but he’s funny and sweet as well.  He adorably has black wings instead of angelic white.  The fact that he only sees beauty when he looks upon Lila and not her flaws is every woman’s dream. 

Lila is also a compelling character.  She isn’t perfect.  She is an introverted artist who tends to lose herself in her work.  She has the same insecurities that we all do, yet, she doesn’t come across as a self-depreciating whiner.  I found myself really pulling for her and Arien to make it work out. 

This book is perfect if you are looking for a steamy story that reads quickly.  I really look forward to reading other stories by Lisa Fox. 

Overall, I give Sculpting A Demon

Plot – 3 ½ bookmarks
Characters – 3 ½ bookmarks
Hot Steamy Demon Sex – 12 bookmarks  (HELLO!!!!) (Yes, I realize this is a zero to five scale.  It’s my blog, I’ll rate how I want to.)
Love Story – 4 bookmarks
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Gabriel Aubry (Arien), Jewel Kilcher (Lila)

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