Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: IT HAD TO BE YOU by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This book contained the single cheesiest moment I have read.  Up until that moment, I guess this was an okay book.  I wasn’t overly invested in the plot or that characters, but it was entertaining enough. 

Phoebe, who knows nothing about sports, inherits an NFL football team from her estranged millionaire father; however, she will only be allowed to keep it, if the Chicago Stars win the AFC Championship.  If they don’t, team ownership will transfer to her nasty cousin, Reed.  Head Coach, Dan Calebow, is appalled by Phoebe.  Unable to see past her blond hair, designer dog and too tight clothing, he thinks of her as a brainless bimbo.  The repulsion is mutual.  Phoebe sees Dan as a sexist jerk with a one track mind for football.  While the two fight constantly, they are somehow still attracted to each other.  (I found this too convenient.  There really doesn’t seem to be enough for these two to cause a relationship to spark.)

On top of working together to turn this losing team around, Dan has a stalker.  Ray is the father of one of Dan’s former players, who died in a car accident after Dan cut him from the team over substance abuse issues.  Ray can’t let go of blaming Dan for not only the loss of his son, but also the loss of his pride.  He decides the best way to get back at Dan is by killing someone Dan loves, Phoebe.

Okay, for the cheesiest moment… (This occurs at the end, so if you don’t want a spoiler, quit reading now.) …The Stars win the AFC Championship.  After being doused with Gatorade, Dan is hoisted up on top of his players’ shoulders and handed the winning game ball.  Over the heads of the crowd, he spots a ridiculously happy Phoebe standing on top of a bench or something, smiling to him.  Then, Dan’s gaze shifts and spots Ray the stalker in the stands, with a gun pointed at Phoebe.  Police are heading to the gunman, but they will not get to him in time.  Are you ready for this???  Dan takes the winning game ball and throws it like a bullet to hit the stalker in the gun arm, saving Phoebe from being shot.  I KNOW!  It’s so bad!!!

Enough making fun out of the book now.  Overall, I give IT HAD TO BE YOU…

Plot – 2 bookmarks
Character Development – 2 bookmarks
Ending – ½ bookmark (and that’s only because I seriously laughed out loud)
Sex scenes – 1 bookmark (The opening sex scene with Dan and his ex-wife was gross.  Trying to convince the reader that the bimbo was celibate was just ridiculous.)
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – A young Anna Nicole Smith (Phoebe), a young Nick Nolte (Dan) – I didn’t find either of these characters compelling or sexy in the least.

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