Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: SUCCUBUS SHADOWS by Richelle Mead

I worried about reading this book, because I know the concluding book in the series will not be out until 2011, and if this left me dangling over the edge of a massive cliff, I might suffer a breakdown.  (I know how sadistic Mead is with her endings.)  Thankfully, I am okay this morning.  While I’m dying to read the next book, this ended on a good note.  That’s all I’ll say.

Succubus Shadows finds Georgina in a personal hell—She’s a bridesmaid in Seth’s upcoming wedding to Maddie.  Her depression is driving both her friends and her superiors nuts.  On top of that, a new succubus is in town and has her sights set on seducing Seth. 

Just when it seems like it can’t get worse for Georgina, something weird begins happening.  Some force is calling to her like a siren, trying to lead her off into some unknown.  Her roommate, Roman, is trying to keep an eye on her, but ends up being a moment too late when Georgina gets sucked up into the power and vanishes.  Her demon boss, Jerome, is uncharacteristically concerned and works with Roman, Carter and Erik to find her. 

Meanwhile, Georgina is trapped by some dream demons who torture her mind with memories of the worst moments of her life and lies.  Reading the dreams and memories is almost as hard on the emotions of the reader as that is the character.  Will her friends be able to find her?  Even if they do, getting her soul back from the dream plane is next to impossible. 

Overall, I give Succubus Shadows

Plot – 4 bookmarks
Character Development – 4 ½ bookmarks
Love Story – 4 ½ bookmarks
Dream Sequence – 4 bookmarks (This was so hard for me as a reader because at first it felt like a distraction from the action, but I think I have figured out the purpose for the reader seeing these dreams and memories.  If the next book proves me right, they will play an integral part in Georgina’s story.)
Dream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Same as prior books.  No real additions this time. 

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